The Flash Camp Hawaii will be held at the BoxJelly! I wanted to showcase the BoxJelly for all the help they are giving us in holding the event at their location.
The event will be at:

307a Kamani Street
Honolulu, HI 96813


About the BoxJelly:

BoxJelly is Hawaii’s first and largest coworking space, located in the Kaka’ako district of burgeoning Downtown Honolulu. Our shared work space and event space facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing and built-in networking opportunities. BoxJelly is bringing together a fast growing community of entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers and independents and giving them a better place to work.



Looking For Speakers

The Flash Camp Hawaii, which is a FREE on-line event on August 24th & 25th is looking for speakers!

Cross-platform 3D to the Max!
With so many of today’s digital platforms having built in 3D capabilities as standard, there has never been a better time to create 3D games for the casual user. But striking a good balance between performance and quality is something that requires a little more knowledge of the underlying systems to get right. From best practice design to neat coding tricks, this session explores the techniques at our disposal for wringing the best results out of any GPU accelerated system, using the popular open source framework Away3D to provide illustrative examples.

The speakers needed are:

Away 3D, focused on gaming

Flash Camp Hawaii is now FREE!


Just wanted to let everybody know that the Flash Camp Hawaii will be an on-line event, and is absolutely FREE!
Being isolated in Hawaii makes it hard to get speakers out here, due to our location and the cost of flying out speakers.
I was thinking about canceling the event, but I thought that I would host it on-line for free instead 🙂

There will be swag from Adobe as they say they will provide software prizes to raffle, and Lanica is offering matching funds for anybody who donates $50.00, so you donate $50.00 and you get $50.00 off any of Lanica software! We are also seeking donations for payment for the meeting space as well.

The event will still have an in person presents in Honolulu at the Boxjelly, and Adobe is sending one speaker out. I am still trying to put together workshops in the form of classes, and I am working with the speakers, and there might be a basic flash class, one on Away 3D, and using flash/AIR for gaming.

Order your tickets now while they last

This Event is moving to the Summer


The Flash Camp Hawaii is moving to this summer. The New Date for the event will be August 24th and August 25th.

Summertime is the best travel season in Hawaii, yes this is surprising!
I want to move the event to include the best time for travel to the islands.

I am sorry for anybody hoping to coming out in Late September, but that is no longer possible due to personal reasons.

Become a Sponsor

Flash Camp Hawaii  brings together Adobe software users, gamers and members of Adobe User Groups from all over Hawaii(including Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island). We are expecting nearly 100 attendees this year.

Sponsorship gets your brand in front of graphic designers, flash developers, flash designers, flash game developers, web designers, artists, eLearning professionals, marketing professionals, printers, and Adobe users ranging from independent freelancers to large companies .

Sponsoring Flash Camp Hawaii shows that you support the Adobe Community by helping to bring this not for profit event with national and international experts coming to Hawaii.

Please contact us if you would like to talk about this further

Mini Camp

The Hawaii Flash User Group will be hosting mini events for showcasing the flash camp. We are putting the camp together so this seems only natural. Also, this will give a nice showcase to the flash camp events. Will will have all the events!

On April 10th we will showcase

Michael Plank – 

Joseph Labrecque – use of Flash & AIR in Education

Every month will will have speakers to showcase their talks for the Hawaii Flash Camp, so stay tune every month for another exciting talk about the camp at the Hawaii Flash User Group.

Be sure to follow @flashcamphawaii to keep up with the meetings.

Game Devs Comes to Hawaii

Adobe Flash Camps is a program/conference that supports the flash technology. The Flash Camp Hawaii will do this for the local design & developer community here in Honolulu.

  • Celebrates the talents of the local community where they can showcase their skills. Also, to inspire local people in training the people attending the flash camp
  • The event will expose people to the flash platform, this is done by demos, hands on training, and team coding sections.
  • Will show upcoming features soon to be release from Adobe (beta builds)
  • The event will raises awareness of the flash platform to the local community, and also introduce the people to the local user group here in Hawaii

Flash Gaming

The Flash Camp Hawaii will focus on the Gaming platform for the desktop, web and mobile. This is a huge market, and a very popular one too.

I have updated the page to include this focus!

The event will have talks & workshops, and some of the topics will include

Away 3D
Open GL

Please leave a commend and let us know what you would like to see talks and/pr workshops on

Gift for the Attendees

The is a great new perk for all attendees of the Flash Camp Hawaii! For all paying attendees for the camp you will receive a free license of  Animo™. This is a$149.00 value!

” You have a huge investment in SWF and FLA assets built with Adobe™ Flash™? No problem. The Animo™ spritesheet generator can save hours of tedious work, leveraging the power of Adobe™ Flash™ and the speed of Platino to let you create amazing apps in much less time!”

  • Export Multiple Flash SWFs
  • Export Spritesheets at Multiple Scales
  • Automatic Frame Count Detection, Bounding, and Capture
  • Reference Point Alignment & Shapes